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Friday, November 13, 2009 ♔ 6:11 AM
rawr di CH
moment that i really mish ryte now :(( rawrr at CH . yeahh , banyak benda yg kitaorang buad kt cini . besh tao && yng paling penting skali kt cini sejuk . sampai na buang air pown mesti na tahan sbb air dea terlampau sejuk :) wee . paling gilaa sekali ofcoz mysillylily sbb asek ketawa jea ta benti2 . haha . dear , kao mmg gila waktu neh ! nadia si penakot rama2 , you pown same , gila . takan binatang tuh pown you na takot ? haha . but i pown takot acc :) huu . rawr dalam bus wiv jee lyn yng canteyk , michelle sipelangi ;)) meraka cool .
lastly , hope taun depan bulee pegi lagiiiiiiiiii .



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