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So this is me Nurrul Baieyzura, standing in front of you saying I'm sorry for that night. Sorry for the kissed I'd gave it to you. I do love you, Muhammad Syafiq Danial. And now I'd realize that you're Mine. I am begging you right now not to leave me. I do love you all the time. So this is me who always loving you,

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Saturday, December 12, 2009 ♔ 5:49 AM
life sucks ):
yeah , lets talking bout life . kindly mylife look sucks lately ): nothing can i say coz its too sucks baby . kalu ekot en , mati jea laa . haha . just you blog bule taman en akuh . da ta bule wt ap da . dok ruma mcm2 prob timbul . yeah , can i have a new life peep(s) ? new life without you , you and you . tptp ta mugkin sbb sbb akuh need kao . cume kao jea yg ta tao . but im trying to forget you . ah , lets see wud happen in mylife . firstly , havin a family prob . ah , its make me fell wanna run away . sbb sbb my mum nd my dad da ta ckp since , ntaa laa . looks like many tears on my mum's face ): huh , ta thn tgk mama nanges jea . ap2 pown i'll always be at ur side mum . OMG ! terlalu banyak kao bg akuh dugaan ya Allah ): tptp , akuh still bole bertahan . erm , bertahan dan terus bertahan . semoga dugaan ney habis dgn kegembiraan ! amin (: secondly , boyfie . ah , sangad susa na describe bout myboyfie . lately dea banyak saked en at akuh . but y eak ? cube dan terus mencube tok paam keadaan dea . ta larat na maki dea jea . yah , maybe he need some peace fer his life . i think so . and , its okee , i'll gives you the peace without kowl-ing or text-ing you . i''ll leave you alone . pk laa yah ! sy takan ganggu awak lagi . last text you tgh ary td . so , lps ney sy ta text awak da . hope awak jage diri tuh okee ? no more danielulu ): just memories left behind in mymind . just bayang2 kao jea jd teman akuh . haha , hope kao hadir balik dlm edop akuh . tptp , ta mungkin kan ? sbb sbb akuh bkn yg terbaek tok kao . awak awak , banyak lagi perempuan dlm dunia neyy , dorg lagi baek dari sy . so , awk pegi laa cari yg laen . sy tana awak saked hati lagi sbb sy . erm , sangad susa tok akuh tinggal kan kao tp tape laa . i'll try my best . life without you , ap laa yg jadi ? haha , mst become more sucks . shit , really hate this all . y this must happened to me ? is it im the one who have all this prob ? who gonna take care of me ? dea ? but dea da tade . ta tao na wt ap daa . just cry and cry and cry and cry and cry . ceh ! ap laa na jadi ney ? can i have back mylife ? the old one ? can or not ? hope i can ): erm , yeah , only arief i stand wiv . akuh ta setabah kao laa arief . terlalu banyak akuh lalui . butbut , ad kao pown cukup laa . sekurang2 nye ad jgk akuh org yang bule bwt akuh gila :D thankyou dear . hey , jap jap . arief maybe nurul bule terime arief more then kawan . but bkn sekarang . hope arief paam (: nurul still sayang dea laa . but ta tao laa ! haha . mampos pegi laa . ap pown , i need my old life . anybody can give it ? erh , still hoping that you you can come back fer me .

p/s : ap laa psl neyy ? bored gilaa babik ! huh . sialan laa . mati jum ? haha :D
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