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So this is me Nurrul Baieyzura, standing in front of you saying I'm sorry for that night. Sorry for the kissed I'd gave it to you. I do love you, Muhammad Syafiq Danial. And now I'd realize that you're Mine. I am begging you right now not to leave me. I do love you all the time. So this is me who always loving you,

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Friday, December 11, 2009 ♔ 10:12 PM
puki ah kao .
kringg . haha , fon bunyi pagi2 . ceh ! skali tgk puki amer tuh kowl , haih laa amer , pea laa yang kao na pagi2 ney ! grr , mls na unkt so , wt bodo jea . but but dea tuh ta paam kowt . ta unkt tuh mst laa tgh tido kan ? kan ? huh . bodoe seyy ! but at last akuh pown unkt laa . unkt2 jea teros kene maki ! eyh , wtf beb ? kao maki akuh pagi y ? da arr kowl akuh pagi2 . sial btol laa :D erm , kowl akuh pagi2 na maki2 then suro bkk blog dea . dea kate , dea create blog tuh semalam khas tok akuh . hey hey , ta kecah laa . thn bgun2 tros bkk blog dea . haih ! agk terkejot sbb tgk pica akuh at situ . then mle2 read tuh agk sedey laa kan but but yg ta bule thn dea maki akuh kowt ! dea kate akuh betina yg ta pena na paam perasaan dea . haih , jantan , kao da lebih2 neyy ! kan semalam akuh da kate kt kao . akuh mmg ta sayang kao , thn mao merayu2 mintak couple . kao tao en akuh sayang jantan sial tuh ? hah ? tuh ahh kao , ta sampai 5 mnet couple ngn akuh , akuh da mintak break sbb sbb akuh kan sayang jantan bodoe tuh . haha . ap2 jea laa . skunk neyy , ta mao pk sal couple daa . solo is better bebeh . sory yah coz akuh ad hurt kao . butbut , kao na maki akuh kao maki arr depan2 sial . adoyy , dga kao maki akuh dlm fon , rase na cekik2 jea kao bia mati cpt . fuckyour assholeee laa pundek ! haih , jantan sume ta gune laa . haha . ad jantan pown rupe gampang so , better ta paya na pk . sume pown same jea ah ! babi bin anak haram ! bustard .
p/s : laa hai amer , pundek haram . kao same jea ngn sume . 2x5 jea ngn babik tuh !
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