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So this is me Nurrul Baieyzura, standing in front of you saying I'm sorry for that night. Sorry for the kissed I'd gave it to you. I do love you, Muhammad Syafiq Danial. And now I'd realize that you're Mine. I am begging you right now not to leave me. I do love you all the time. So this is me who always loving you,

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010 ♔ 12:01 AM
precious boyfiee
yess . ta laen and ta bukan he's the only one laa weyy ! HAHA :DD now da okee ngn dea since ntaa laa . grr ! THANKS GOD ==' da lame da mao mcm neyy tapii baru skunk dapat . ceh ! if ta asek gadoo jea 24hours . LOL , 4 days bie kat hospital kan ? kan ? 2 ary jea bby jagee bie kan ? loo , sory yah hunn . lagii 2 ary tuh ta dpt teman sbb bz . grr ): tapii kte asek menggedik jea kan ? snap tuh sanap neyy . larii sane larii sini , keja sana , keja sini . da pnat , masing2 duk diam . HAHA , tapii yg satu neyy bie asek menang kan ? rebut phone laa . aiyakk . ta larat tahuu denga kao membebel . CEREWET ! tuh ta cukup , ney siked , tuh ta sedap . haih , cerewet sgd laa biee . thn time suap kao mkn , aiyakk rupe da bg bby mkn tahuu ? adoyy . ap laa bie neyy . naseb sayang , if taa . wachaa . hee :DD tapii , best tahuu jage kao ? dapat duk dlm aircond jea . kat uma ta bule sbb nt bil melambung . grr ! ceh ! ap2 pun bby eppy gilaa sbb kte da okee skunk (:

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