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So this is me Nurrul Baieyzura, standing in front of you saying I'm sorry for that night. Sorry for the kissed I'd gave it to you. I do love you, Muhammad Syafiq Danial. And now I'd realize that you're Mine. I am begging you right now not to leave me. I do love you all the time. So this is me who always loving you,

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loved loved loved loved loved

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Friday, March 12, 2010 ♔ 2:14 AM
muhammad syafiq daniel ):
err ): ta tahuu knpe bole mimpi terok smpai mcm tuh sekali . hah , sedeh tahuu mimpi tuh . tapii , bnd tuh takan jadii kenyataan kn biee ? bie takan bwt sume tuh kan ? kan ? errm , da byk kali nurul mimpi bnd yg same . eiskk . terok sgd ! sad laa bie . yea laa . takod sume tuh jadii . haih . tahuu kan yg bby sayang bie sgd sgd . yess , you're mysoul . i cant live without you . even once pun ta bule biee ==, naa , after mimpi tuh , terbangun thn cry . lps cry teross call bie . lucky you pick up hunn wlopun da pkul 4.3o am . dpt denga suare you , fuhh ! alhamdulillah :D thn merepek ckp ngn you . HAHA . sure you pun pening sbb nurul tbe2 ckp iloveyouuiloveyouuiloveyouu . kan ? kan ? naa , even2 ap2 jadii , you da promise takan tgal kan bby . cehceh* i pegang promise you tuh biee . bie , you slalu bwt i cry . tapii nurul ta kesa pun sbb nurul lagii byk da bwt you cry . kan sayangg ? kan ? you sgd care bout bby . heh , thankyou laa :D ap2 pun nurul takan let you go sayangg <33 swear , iloveyoumorethaneverything . sayang you sorangg bie :D

p/s : iloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyou <33
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