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Wednesday, November 3, 2010 ♔ 10:04 PM
fashionista ?
fashionista ? HAHA , actually its a fashion . nista tuh nta mane I amek . okay , today I mcm tetibe na tulis psl fashion , nah ! HUHU . okay lets start :PP

dress codes exist in every profession . starting with the uniformed personal down to fashion conscious, the populace dress accordingly . famous fashion designer have often made fashion statements and dictate the fashion trends . some have managed to maintain a clientele that have remained loyal to the fashion icon but others have moved on to other avant garde newcomers .
the legal fraternity has their black and white attire . and each profession is recognizable by their colour of uniform . imma all for decent dressing . of course , im in favour of fashion but there is a time and place for everything . some young adults do not know how to dress for occasion or the place :P
they do not know the meaning of decorum or respect . if young adults break the dress rule , what can we expect of the teenagers who are still wet behind the ears ? (: teenagers should know when not to come in shorts or FUNNY t-shirts . female teenagers should not be attired in flimsy clothes or short-short skirt for formal occasions . their shoes attire should be appropriate . flip-flops , unbuckled sandals or dirty sport shoe are no-nos as school fashion nowdays .
sometimes , i dont blame these teenagers for their parents are seemingly attired and sometimes we find that mothers are older version in their daughters' s attire . HAHA , with such role models , isit of any wonder that young ladies fall to see the logic of being appropriately dressed ?
i feel that older adult a good example to the younger generation . i believe that itis fine to adhere to changing fashion but there is always a limit to being overdressed or underdressed for occasions . you dont want an observer or a fashion editor to say that you look like a CHRISTMAS TREE ;D or an overstuffed turkey , HEHE .
on the other hand , someone might comment that you did not have the cash to buy enough materials to sew that outfit . hah
nevertheless , there are some mothers and fathers and grannies who are fashionable yet decently clothed . these are the ones to be emulated . blind pursuit of fashion is not the way to keep you in the spotlight or being HOT HOT CHIKAS :P
learning to have a sense of fashion , knowing which style . colour or cut suits you would go a long way to turing you into SVELTE lady or a smart gentleman (:

p/s : peace yaww . its only fer fun okay ><
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