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So this is me Nurrul Baieyzura, standing in front of you saying I'm sorry for that night. Sorry for the kissed I'd gave it to you. I do love you, Muhammad Syafiq Danial. And now I'd realize that you're Mine. I am begging you right now not to leave me. I do love you all the time. So this is me who always loving you,

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010 ♔ 10:42 PM
oit :P
okay , the name is megat redzuan (: and bitter sixteen . HAHA , na talk pasai dea hari ney . gerger . he's a nice boy . okay , dea suke buat aku geram kan megat oit ? suke panggil name bapak aku . HEHE . megat oit , muh jgn maen maen dgn hamba okay megat oit ? suka panggil aku nurul oit . setiap perkataan dea msti ade oit , da mcm puan tan (ajar aku maths dekat schl) HEHE ^^
okay megat oit , dea suke bagi nasihat dekat aku kan megat oit ? da tuh dea ney bile tanye dah mkn or belum , dea mst jawab BELUM . mcm tak mkn kan kan ? haih , ade jea alasan dea . dea single and available . HOHO , megat oit , saya promote kamu ney . handsome ^^ eheh , baik lagi . HAH (:
megat oit , maggie fav saya laa . HAHA , dea kate tak elok makan maggie . nah , yea laa megat oit . saya paham . haha , terima kaseh kerana mengingatkan saya :PP dea tough >< HOHO tough tapi kedeng kea megat oit ? HUHU ape laa . erm erm , telima kaseh untuk segala nasihat awak yea megat oit ;D saya hargai nyee .

p/s : awak terbaik kawan :PP

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