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Tuesday, November 2, 2010 ♔ 6:41 AM
you ?
you ? yes its you (: erm , okay lets start . the person is different race and religion with me . But , the person treat me really nice . okay , yesterday we'd a conversation . erm , we had a big laugh . and a bit shocked has happened ! nah . these our conversation :

you : nurul , now what time ?
me : its almost 1 , why ?
you : okay we wait untill 1 then i'll tell you something .
me : okay .
(sembangsembang till 1)
you : nurul isit 1 ?
me : yess , hah faster tell me what isit ?
you : owh can i be with you ?
me : hah ? means ? =='
you : !@#$%^&*()_+ (panjang lebar dea cakap)
me : omg , isit im dreaming ?
you : erm lets try pinch your hand . isit pain ?
me : yess , its pain and im not dreaming . okay , but how your family ?
you : they even bother bout it . its my choice .
me : hah , okay . im speechless =='
you : hey , common , im serius . okay ?

actually , its about he want to convert into malay . yeah , dea cakap na convert into malay sbb dea na kawen dgn I . haha , jgn merepek okay you ?

p/s : ily too laa (:
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