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So this is me Nurrul Baieyzura, standing in front of you saying I'm sorry for that night. Sorry for the kissed I'd gave it to you. I do love you, Muhammad Syafiq Danial. And now I'd realize that you're Mine. I am begging you right now not to leave me. I do love you all the time. So this is me who always loving you,

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Friday, April 1, 2011 ♔ 8:31 AM
11.31 PM
tweettweettweet SMS , haa fone berbunyi SMS masuk :'D Jam di dinding menunjukkan tepat pukul 11.31 hmm boring nak mampoih kan kan haihh tengok maharaja lawak pon tk boleh buat aku gelak -___- pehal entah hari ney moody jea aku ney hmm =='
okay nak cakap ney tiba pulak aih rindu nak mampoih dekat dia wahai nurul , apasal lh otak kau fikir pasal dia lagi ?! haihhhhh dulu waktu kau couple dgn dia kau buat dia mcm taik OUH SHIT )': Nurul lupa kan diaaa , he already has a special ones ! Arh aku tk perlu kan dia lagi lhhhh ! Ya Allah , tolong lh aku lupa kn diaaa please pleasee :(
Okay lantak lh nak cakap apa lagi pon tk tahu otak blurr plus sedih Haa rindu hang wey , SUMPAH rindu :')

p/s : I hope you're okay
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