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So this is me Nurrul Baieyzura, standing in front of you saying I'm sorry for that night. Sorry for the kissed I'd gave it to you. I do love you, Muhammad Syafiq Danial. And now I'd realize that you're Mine. I am begging you right now not to leave me. I do love you all the time. So this is me who always loving you,

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Friday, May 13, 2011 ♔ 4:08 PM
You male my love like whoahhh --'
Hey morning , Assalammualaikum people(s) today i've wake up from my bed at 7 , yeahh it's the first time during weekend :) *Wuhuu Clap your hand for me pleasee , thanks peeps . Hmm so i decided to post the entry for today just bout my past , again i repeat BOUT MY PAST , && not bout you bitch :P so lets flashback together , *ehemm but im not forcing you all to join me

Okay lets start , on :

Year 2007 : I've know him on myspace && since that day we're became as a friend until one day he told me that he already has a gf and we must stop from being a friend . I was like Ouhh okay , coz it's same goes to me

Year 2008 : We didnt contact even once && in the Jun of 2008 he contact me back && we're being a friend for the second time but this time we're not so close like before -,- Huhu just like what mymum always said "study frist then you can think bout love" && we're being a friend till year 2009

Year 2009 : When I'm with A'an , I've met him once at Parade Ipoh . He's a nice && shorty-short boy :D On that day , he kept smiling at me and whoahhh *I'm blushing after i had through myday as someone gurlfie till 1st of May 2009 i've accepted him as my boyfie && since that day , I'm trying mybest to be loyal and Yess , I can do it Bie :') but for the frist time , on 3rd of Jun 2009 , i ask for a break , I'm sorry awak :(

Year 2010 : Many bad things happened :'( && thanks God , You bless our relation as a couple . I brought him to met my family . I enjoyed myday my life being with him . he treat me nicely , he make me feel love like whoahh :D Because of him , i already spent my sleep time for making all these

Even it look not so nice , but he said that he really appreciate it , Thanks Bie :) && On 1st of May 2010 , we already 1years as a couple and i feel so happy . That time nobody knows how i feel .

Year 2011 : This year kan ? On this year many things happened , he changes a lot , Why bie why ? I've make him cried a lot && sorry again he tried to be the best for me BUT everythings goes wrong . He already put his efforts on making me happy and smiling like before but it flows just like water . This time i cant stand for this relation && i ask for a break many times . Awak , just God know how i feel when you leave me alone , busy doing nothing . I dont know what you're thinking till you make that changes on yourself ! you didnt even think bout me , a lot of my tears dropped because of you Bie . I like the way you treat me like theseeeeee -,-

Thanks for loving me , but I do love you more sayang I do love you more than everything , you're my soul my happiness :)

On the same year , you've follow me to Johor Bahru kan ? We enjoyed our holiday there by shopping and many more . Even in JB we're always fighting for a small thing but , I dont care even ones because what i know is : I feel happy to see you by my side everyday , i go through all these pain by smiling . Everyday we spent our time by following my family going out , dinner && many more thanks to my sis who supported me with him , && willing to snap our picture

Omygosh , nah i look so fat in this picture :( && bie please take note this are all your fault , coz everyday you ask me to eat NASI , *takut sangat bby mati HAHA && bie , thanks for brought me to McD every weekend even it take 1/2 hour to reach there , lucky you still have a patience with me thanks for spending your time by eating McD with me okay :) even you dont like it

Is it we look sweet , atoto no we're not a sweet couple as you all know that we're always fighting ;) Sayang , thanks for being mine okay ? I promise you not to hurting you anymore :)

On 1st May of 2011 , we're already 2years sayang , 2 years ! hehe you make a small party to celebrate it && seriously , i feel glad to know you && to have you as my boyfie ! I dont know how to describe you , coz you're too amazing for me ! So AMAZING babe , so amazing :') last but not least , we've snap a picture on that day kan sayang ? huhu nahhh~ have a look babe

Haha , sayang stop from making that face ! it's totally annoying for me bie . Okay enough for today HAHA

p/s : soory for making you (readers) feel bored by looking at the picture :PP
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